Here's how SaltCo™ Remote Salt Delivery works:

SaltCo™ installs our Closed Loop Delivery Ports and our patented 3G monitoring and broadcast management system into your building.

Closed Loop Delivery Ports mean:
- NO allergens
- NO cold/hot air blown in to your home or office.
- NO dust!!!

Our Technology:

Using our Patented SaltCo™ Sensor (the Salt Shaker) SaltCo™ monitors your salt levels and broadcasts them back to SaltCo™ Computer banks thru our 3G network, in real time.

"Salt in a bag, what a drag!..." With SaltCo™ you'll never lift or carry another bag of water softening salt ever!

As a matter of fact, You don't even need to be at home! No wasting half your day, endlessly waiting around for that, "4 hour delivery window" to have two guys track through your beautiful home with bags of salt on their shoulders. SaltCo's Remote Salt Delivery is simply amazing.

If Security matters to you, at your home or business, then SaltCo™ matters to you.... SaltCo™ delivery specialists never even enter your building!

Imagine: no more wasting valuable time and resources, having your employees haul salt throughout your building and then paying your staff to remember to fill the brine tanks regularly.

Think of the result: HUGE payroll savings for your company's bottom line, and, no workman's comp claims!

SaltCo™ will also generate a computer printout of precisely how many pounds of salt your company actually used for the entire year. Many municipalities are requiring this report now. SaltCo™ will do it for you, saving you even more time and money. Electronic invoicing makes billing a breeze!

To schedule your install, call SaltCo™ toll free at 855 4 SaltCo (855.472.5826)