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Jet Powered Salt Delivery™

SaltCo® professionally installs piping from an exterior wall, directly into your brine tanks. Then SaltCo® has our delivery specialist "Jet Power" the salt directly into the tank! All from outside the building, and there is NO DUST! It's that simple!

SaltCo® is affordable too!

The entire SaltCo System™ is installed for only $45/month! And our salt price is Guaranteed to be lower than bagged salt!

Watch this short video to learn more about Jet Powered Salt Delivery™!

Professional Installation

SaltCo® will professionally install the entire system into your building. Our certified installation experts will do the entire installation, from start to finish. You don't have to contract any work out!

Salt Sensing

As soon as your SaltCo System™ is professionally installed, Our servers will automatically start monitoring your tank levels 24/7! Using our patented SaltCo Sensor™, we can detect changes in salt levels as well as water levels.

Jet Powered Delivery

When your tank gets low, SaltCo® is on the go!

After our sensor alerts us, we will automatically dispatch one of our Delivery Experts to refill your tank with 99.7% pure solar salt.

SaltCo® Technology

Our patented SaltCo Sensor™ monitors, records and transmits your Salt Level data to our secure cloud based servers. When your salt gets low, "SaltCo's on the GO!" to refill your salt from outside the building.

Once our sensor detects your salt level is reaching the appropriate fill amount, an alert will be sent to our servers that you need salt!

SaltCo's cloud based servers quietly work 24/7 to monitor the data transmitted by our sensors. Once your salt level drops below the refill line, your account is electronically placed on our refill list.

Total Bags Saved from our landfills:

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Columbus Community Hospital

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Divine Savior Hospital (Portage)

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Edgewood High School

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