Monitoring your Salt Levels

Salt Level Cellular Monitoring Device

Using our patent pending SaltCo™ sensor, we monitor your salt levels via 3G and broadcast them back to our servers in real time!

3G Sensing abilities

Cellular data coverage map for SaltCo Jet Powered Salt Delivery

Using our own 3G networking card, we are able to read your data, without using your personal internet! If security matters to you, SaltCo™ matters to you!

Refilling your brine tank

Friendly SaltCo Delivery Expert delivering 99.8% pure salt

When your tank gets low, SaltCo™ is on the go!

SaltCo™ dispatches a delivery specialist to refill your salt tank, using 99%+ pure Solar Salt, from outside your building, using our patent pending remote salt delivery method.

Environmental Impact

Each SaltCo™ delivery truck saves100,000 plastic bags from our landfills every year!